The Body Art Festival 2010 Event Is for Lovers Tattoo Competition

The Body Art Festival 2010 Event Is for Lovers Tattoo Competition, Metalheads are often synonymous with a tattoo, or a tattoo identical to metalheads? It could be, therefore, although dated July 25, 2010 today there are more than three events in a different metal in parts of Jakarta, ( / called DL) taking the contributors spread to cover the event six Indonesian anniversary this subculture. Housed in Carburator Spring in the Veteran Bintaro, congestion is already visible from the roadside lunch, membeludaknya sign the visitor venue.

Metal and leather tattoo art seems to be a blend of fit, looks most visitors are mostly had a tattoo or piercing. Accompanied noisy favor of the performers include Ragamuffins, MUKARUSAK, ballistics, Lucretia, SPEEDKILL, SUPERSUCKS, CITIZEN USELESS and M1D1D4T4. Hot weather, loud music and buzzing needles tattoo adds enthusiastic visitors to enjoy the music or add a tattoo on the skin.

Ballistic, heating metal show with the beat, attracting the attention of the visitors who had been calm in the booths next tattoo to be advanced stage with hip-metal rhythms. Lucretia, a loyal band kicked off with Megadeth songs make some 'face time' of the oldskool like Yaya 'Whacked' and Doddy 'Betrayer' come headbang, possibly nostalgia with songs like Hangar 18, In my Darkest Hour, Symphony of Destruction, Tornado of Soul and track champion, of course, the Holy War. Meet the demand of the audience to the stage not after, Lucretia closing action with Anti Social from Anthrax.

The crowd also focused on the demonstration of Indonesian Woman subculture Tattoo Artist, one of whom was Laura Aprilia Sihombing, rollicking show off their skills by tattooing the skin 2 people that in fact women also.

flood of visitors and various electronic media coverage.

Until malampun arrived, Speedkill, Supersucks and Citizen Useless continued to perform filling thrill tattoo competitions. Freak shows were a little unnerved M1D1D4T4 electronic music accompaniment. Ucha, the chairman of the committee said, "The event marks the anniversary of the ISC is also a place ngumpulnya all art lovers from many places such as Sumatra, Java, Bali, where in addition we can show off the skill, this is where we can exchange ideas and new skills. "subculture Indonesian Bravo!